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Dec 18, 2012 7:00pm EST
financial think for this country. they do the charlie brown thing, they jerk the ball away. and this is what is going on. >> the posturing conceals the process that we are not aware of. but i talked to a budget aid that said, he thinks things are getting worse in terms for prospects of a deal. >> by the way, my contacts have said the same thing. you thank you very, very much. all of this may be defying predictions. it is a classic risk of a market rally. you know brian, you look at the market since the middle of november. i can't believe it is all fiscal cliff. what is going on here? >> really, since the beginning of november, you have seen this removal of uncertainty. so you have china engineering a soft landing and starting to recover. you have europe away from the brink. greece got upgraded today. who would have thought it. that is what the market is looking at. saying okay. it is not going to be the worst kcase sharcenario, but you coul extend the middle class tax cuts and be done with it. it is in a recession. >> and i think the market would not like that very much. everybody is ex
Dec 5, 2012 7:00pm EST
when gordon brown raised the highest tax rate from 40% to 50%. the number of millionaires reporting income for tax purposes went from 16,000 down to i think 6,000. they're losing all sorts of money and it's a double dip recession. these guys, it's just incredible what they're doing. they think that if you tax job creators, job creators are going to create more jobs. it's crazy. >> how can you have new businesses, how can you have new ventures without capital? it's the basis of the system. >> you can't. >> and if you're penalizing capital with higher tax rates, as we are across the board, how can this possibly lead to economic growth and job creation? no one's really talking about this. >> it's exactly right. you fine people for speeding to get them to slow down and not speed. you raise taxes on cigarettes to get people to stop smoking. yet now you're going to raise taxes on rich people and job creators to get them to do what? create more jobs? this is just double think craziness. >> here's the killer question for you. the killer question. >> i'm ready. >> given a choice, would you r
Dec 10, 2012 7:00pm EST
then. this year you have the governor of the state of california, brown, sign the executive order requiring that every new home built in 2014 have a roof capable of holding a solar panel. he signed another executive order requiring every state company that has a company of 10,000 square foot or more in building be required to supply with a zero footprint their own energy source being solar or wind by the year 2025. driving through california, past a company. they have their own windmill and their own solar panel for their own power supply. it's absolutely ridiculous and outrageous. that's why you see people leaving. >> it costs a fortune. this stuff costs a fortune. carbon tax, michael reagan. california has gone for a carbon tax. there may be a federal carbon tax. part of president obama's agenda is possibly to institute a carbon tax because of his dream of green energy and because he needs the money. cal would be doubling up there, too. twice on the carbon tax. >> everything's doubling up. the taxes that they just laid on us, retroactive to january 1, 2012. the president wanted
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3